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In 2008, Josh Cook formed Cook Real Estate to accomplish the goal of having his own brokerage company. Over the next 7 years, Cook Real Estate flourished and became very successful in two separate areas, residential and commercial real estate. In 2015, two great friends and business associates, John Avery Jr. and Barrett Wood, joined forces with Josh to create and develop two separate entities that will exemplify customer service, professionalism and knowledge in real estate. Cook Commercial Real Estate and 3 Creeks Real Estate were launched. Now under one roof and two distinct brands, we have the ability to provide full-service real estate services to both residential and commercial clients.

Cook Commercial Real Estate (CCRE) is a full-service commercial real estate firm specializing in commercial real estate. We provide turn-key solutions for both Commercial Brokerage and Commercial Property Management.

Established in 2008 originally as Cook Real Estate, we have successfully represented a variety of buyers and sellers with a wide range of real estate needs. With years of overall experience and extensive transactional experience, our staff will ensure that your purchase, sale or lease process is executed perfectly.